Couples Counseling

Communicating with your partner feels impossible!

When you first meet and fall in love with your partner, neither of you have a care in the world. You don’t even see each other’s quirky habits and differences, or if you do see them, maybe find them charming.

Now fast forward in time, a few months or perhaps a few decades. Suddenly those quirks are grating on your last nerve.  What use to be charming or easy to overlook has now become unbearable. There are days you retreat to the garage or the bedroom alone just to avoid your spouse and their ways.

You avoid talking, because it seems like every conversation results in another conflict. You’re left feeling frustrated and lonely. You’re wondering if your relationship can survive.

Or maybe you have some reprieves where things between you feel good for a while, but then you always come back to that same cycle.  That same hopeless place.

I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way!

You really can end this persistent pattern in your marriage and start to build a better life together.  But you probably need some outside help. And that’s normal.

At Relationship Counseling of Walpole, we can provide the help you need to regain hope for your marriage.

Our mission is to help couples various stages of marriage learn the skills they need to navigate their differences in a way that is healthy and helps them remain connected.

Let’s work together to heal the hurts. You deserve to live your best relationship.

Couples Counseling can help you:

Heal old hurts
Repair broken trust
Improve communication
Manage conflict more effectively
Increase intimacy and connection
Work as a team and support each other
Bring positivity back to your relationship

What to expect When You Schedule a Couples Counseling Session:

  • I will meet with you and your partner for a first session.  During the first session I will be learning about you as a couple and about the problems and challenges in your relationship.  You will each have an opportunity to share your perspective of the current challenges in your relationship.

  • I will be getting a sense of the patterns that have developed between you and where the relationship gets stuck.  You will describe the kind of relationship you are hoping to create in the future.  What does your ideal relationship look like?  Are there relevant life experiences from your past that play a role in your current situation.

  • If, after the first session, we are a good fit and decide to work together, I will schedule an individual session with each of you.  The individual sessions are an opportunity for me to get to know each of you better and understand your relationship in more depth.  After the two individual sessions I will meet with you as a couple again, where I will offer feedback about your relationship, including where I see you stuck and how each of you contributes to the dynamics in your relationship.

  • Ongoing sessions will focus on recognizing the ineffective patterns that keep your relationship from moving forward and  creating and practicing new behaviors that help you and your spouse understand each other better so you can have  a more meaningful connected marriage.  You will practice new habits outside of the session that support the kind of relationship you desire.

Make an appointment today to get started on restoring the connection in your marriage. You still have time to live your best relationship.

Still have questions?

With Couples Counseling of Walpole you can:

  • End the cycle of conflict and blame, learn tools to restore your connection, and begin to recover the closeness you long for.
  • You can learn to communicate in ways that build connection instead of distance so you can support one another through the big and small challenges of daily life.
  • Your relationship can change for the better. You can find new ways to see and appreciate each other and fall in love with the life you’ve created together. And you can begin to take the first steps in rediscovering each other at this season of your life.